About Us

One of the reasons behind setting up the company stems from the fact that credit rating agencies apply a low level of uniformity when handing out credit ratings and there is no parallel support function that rated entities can turn to. The current industry can be compared to a judicial system in which judges set the legislation, hand out judgments and the clients don’t have any legal representation for their respective cases. Governments are then often forced to accept these credit opinions as their feedback may be noted but not seriously considered when the final rating is handed out. We then believe that a gap exists for an independent organization that governments can turn to and work with regarding their important credit profiles.

Furthermore and from a general consulting perspective, we also believe that there is a need for a specialist (non-credit rating agency) research firm that focuses on the industry as there is a significant demand for independent unbiased consultancy services.

our vision

Our vision is to optimize the existing credit rating industry so that it better serves the needs of related stakeholders. Furthermore, our goal is to assist rated entities to achieve their desired credit ratings and improve the economic well-being of the respective countries that take up our offering. We focus on both developed and developing countries and our primary intention is to transition as many African states as possible into the investment-grade space.

our journey over the last

5 years


The formation of Credit Rating Analytics



A niche research offering to the private sector


Development of our sovereign advisory service



Expansion of the sovereing advisory rating team


Working with multilateral organisations in the capacity as an external consultant/project specific basis.



A continued expansion of the sovereign advisory services

Credit rating analytics is not a credit rating agency but is one of the few independent consulting firms that specializes in the field of credit rating agencies and related analytical research.

Contact details

+27 (0) 10 003 7858 (Office Landline)

Office 3, 106 Johan Avenue, Sandton, 2196

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