Advisory Services

1. The public sector SME credit rating consulting solution:

This is an innovative solution in which we assist sovereign states to create public sector SME access to finance ecosystems which are anchored on the SME credit rating concept. The solution stems from a project that we created for the World Bank Group in which we were tasked with coming up with solutions that are geared towards increasing the global availability of SME credit ratings. Within this specific solution, we work closely with SME promotion agencies and eventually hand over fully functional public SME credit rating agencies and related ancillary services. The solution is currently being implemented by an emerging market country to create the world’s largest public sector SME credit rating agency and we are in talks to scale this up within many other countries.

2. Our sovereign credit rating advisory solution:

Our service offering to the public sector is broken down into three main components. Each offering can be taken up individually but the rating & sovereign advisory services are grouped into our “credit rating stabilization program" Sovereigns that are experiencing short-term credit rating issues can opt for the rapid advisory offering and then transition into the sovereign advisory offering.

Countries not facing short-term stress can opt for the rating advisory offering (if the respective operating frameworks aren’t optimal and then transition into the sovereign advisory offering).

Alternatively, countries with robust operational frameworks can opt for just the sovereign advisory offering.

Rapid advisory

The rapid advisory offering is geared towards short-medium term credit rating support and has been created in light of the covid-19 pandemic.

rating advisory

This offering is centred on structural advice on how to improve and create an operating framework to engage with the rating agencies.

sovereign advisory

This is our long-term solution to credit rating improvements and is where we deploy our benchmarking and uniformity approach.


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Credit rating analytics is not a credit rating agency but is one of the few independent consulting firms that specializes in the field of credit rating agencies and related analytical research.

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