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Credit Rating Analytics is skilled in mobile app development and has created apps to enhance the outcomes within our consulting engagements. In the recently completed project for the World Bank Group, we created a mobile app which served as a platform which linked SMEs to SME credit rating agencies, the app also complemented the research and data collection effort. A summary of the features within the app is as follows: 1. An innovative platform linking SMEs with SME credit rating agencies, 2. A knowledge hub containing important research and insights into the SME industry, 3. A feature allowing survey participants to capture their respective survey responses thereby enhancing the data collection process and, 4. Further information on the World Bank Group Project. The mobile app is still available for download via the Google Play Store via the following link:  and some of the screenshots related to the app as well as a video presentation on it can be found below:


Whilst survey responses were predominantly captured on desktops, the mobile app provided a useful alternative date capturing tool. The rating finder feature was also successfully used by SME entities and resulted in these businesses being linked to SME rating agencies within their respective regions. It could then be used in the future to increase the uptake of SME ratings with emerging markets thereby assisting SMEs with their access to capital requirements.

SME Access To Finance Tool

The mobile app was created to assist in the data collection phase of the project but also served as a knowledge hub for SME entities and an SME credit rating finder tool. The knowledge hub is quite insightful and caters to a broad audience of stakeholders.

Key Audience: 
SMEs, Credit Rating Agencies, Banks, Ministries and related policymakers

Availability: Google Play Store, soon to be released on the Apple store.

Developer: Credit Rating Analytics/ The International Finance Corporation

Credit rating analytics is not a credit rating agency but is one of the few independent consulting firms that specializes in the field of credit rating agencies and related analytical research.

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